Green’s artist statement, "In my work, I have explored a creative process which involves applying multiple layers of color and gesture to produce a desired result. I then destroy the image by completely painting over it. I partially grind off the top layer to reveal the under painting beneath. The resulting patina is a record of the painting’s visual history and the multiple stages of my creative art."

Suzanne Marshall’s statement, "Recently I had a sea change in my approach to painting.  Instead of planning the work to communicate a personal philosophy, I am letting the paint itself take over the discourse with the viewer.  The act of painting communicates through the innate qualities of the medium:  the edges which are created when one color touches another; the color itself; the values; the shapes; the thickness of the application; the size of the work; the surface quality; and many other attributes.  The surface quality of the work is especially important to me as a painter; paint scrapped off to expose previous layers and marks is, for me, a metaphor for bringing the past to bear on the present informing the future."


Artful Saturday, April 15, 2017

From: 1-6:00 PM

Artists Talk:  3:30-4:30 PM

Showing Opens: Friday April 7, 2017
Showing Closes: Friday April 28, 2017
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The Weyrich Gallery is a creative environment featuring exquisite jewelry, diverse works from dreams, folklore, myth and the earth.

View some of our etchings, woodblock, hand-colored photography, monotypes, limited-edition prints, or handmade fine art books.

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CHADO NEW MEXICO promotes an active understanding and appreciation of the Way of Tea in the Urasenke Tradition throughout New Mexico, and works to increase good will and cultural exchange between the United States and Japan.


  • Japanese approach to porcelain.
    • fine tea bowls
  • Contemporary fine crafts and fine art.
  • Feng Shui Consultant
    • Ecological placement of art and objects
  • Consultations By Appointment.

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Weyrich Gallery, owned by Valerie and Gary Tibbetts, is a special place. Intuition is the determining factor in the harmony the Tibbetts have orchestrated in their small space whose inspiration is on a grand scale. The thoughtful visitor will soon realize the high level of craftsmanship reflected in the work on display and also the sense that gallery artists seem to have an affinity with each other.

The Weyrich Gallery is full of educational and artistic products and services that bring harmony into ones hectic life. We offer a creative environment featuring exquisite jewelry, paintings, acrylic, pastels, and prints. Also mixed media, glass, metal, wood, clay, fiber, wood block prints, hand colored photography, monotypes, and limited edition prints.

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