Celadon and Clear

2016 is the 400th anniversary since the creation of porcelain in Arita, Japan. 

This summer we took a trip to Japan to Japan to celebrate with Professor Kathryne Cyman from UNM. 

Eleven art students have gathered to present you with porcelain ceramics: Candice Cordova,  Nikki Dennison, Brian Devonshire, Rick Orlando, Becky Pendergast, Jessi Penrod, Adam Padilla, Charles Platte, Madeleine Rademacher, Shane Silva, and Jeniffer Yun.

We were immersed in the culture that is Japan; from the people, the language, customs, shrines, transportation; the art, gardens and landscape, to ceramics, the porcelain and food. 

While we were in Arita, we were honored to be the guests of Sensei Manji Inoue - Living National Treasure of Japan. We experienced a deeper sense of the meaning of being a porcelain potter.

Charles Platte states, "Like all forms of art, Arita Porcelain requires a particular focus, a
confident focus.  In the few semesters of experience that most valuable lesson I learned to better my skill and also reflect on my life in other ways."

Madeleine Rademacher states, "I have been studying the process of creating porcelain vessels from Arita, Japan at UNM with professor Cyman for 4 semesters.  This is my third show at he the Weyrich gallery.  My work consists of bowls, cups, and small dishes. The culture that surrounds the art form of Arita porcelain inspires me to create functional pieces.  I love the process because of the traditional steps I use to create something that is handmade and not a "mass produced" pieces of functional ware."

Since 1980, this art form has been studied at The University of New Mexico and has continued through the generosity of Mr. Manji Inoue (national living treasure).  This art form continues to evolve through the efforts of Professor Kathryne Cyman.  True porcelain is the most beautiful clay medium.  It is a pure tanslucent white color and is harder than concrete when fired.  Working with this clay is one of the toughest processes based on a 400 year old tradition from Arta, Japan.

All that we took in with our meals combined food with handmade ceramics and aesthetics. On returning to New Mexico we reconnected with our trip through our porcelain works and created forms for food from our inspiration of the 'kaiseki' we encountered in Japan.

We hope you will enjoy and use them!


Showing Opens: Friday October 7, 2016
Showing Closes: Friday October 28, 2016
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